Content Guidelines

Fayette County Living  encourages local students, authors and story tellers to submit articles and photographs for publication. Most articles will be descriptive or narrative stories about the people, places, events, foods, plants, animals and history of Fayette County.


A descriptive article should capture people, places, events, objects and feelings in words so that a reader can visualize and respond to them. The subject or topic of the writing is "suspended in time," and the writer uses the senses (taste, touch, smell, sight and sound) to place the reader in the "environment" of the essay. The writing can be objective (simply discussing the situation) or subjective (attempting to persuade the reader by the impact of the described situation).

A descriptive article might take a person or object and then describes that person or thing in great illustrative detail. For example, an article about a relative might describe their appearance, actions, and personality, both through direct descriptive words and through stories of their actions. It is important to be thorough--to provide plenty of details.


A narrative article provides details of what happened. It is almost like a list of events in the order that they happened, except that it is written in paragraph form. A narration or narrative doesn't have to show any cause and effect; it only needs to show what happened in the order that it happened.

A typical short narration starts with a brief introductory paragraph consisting of two parts. The first is a sentence or two stating the event you are going to narrate; you might even want to include the who, what, where, and when of the event in this part. The second part is a simple statement that the paper you are writing is a narrative of this event.

A good narrative should have some purpose and incorporate descriptive elements --senses, metaphors, and similes. Narration is used to get the reader to "identify" with the writer on some level. Article length and editing

Submitted articles should be between 400 and 1,600 words. When photographs are inserted, the resulting magazine feature will be between 1 and 4 pages. Articles may be edited as required to fit space available. Submissions may be by email attachments (.pdf, .txt or .doc), mailed (8.5 x 11) or delivered by hand. This page contains 389 words.

We mostly agree with National Geographic Travel:

"There are no limitations on style, as long as the writing is lively and interesting, although a sense of discovery should be at the heart of every story. We want our writers to project a curious and knowing voice that captures the places and personalities, the insights and idiosyncrasies of Fayette County. Writers should see their topics with fresh eyes and real insight. We place a premium on surprise and good storytelling-the compelling anecdote, the colorful character, the lively quote, the telling detail. And we prefer that our readers be allowed to experience the topic directly not just through the writer's narrative, but also through the words and actions of people the writer encounters."

And from Runners World:

"Tell every day, inspirational and humorous stories of regular people doing amazing things. Anyone can be an author and anyone, anyplace or anything can be the subject of an article, as long as you find out something interesting to write about. Topics can be personal in nature, but should appeal to a wide range of readers. We look for a variety of voices to contribute to Front Porch. The tone can vary from serious to humorous to sentimental to reflective."

Fayette County and Photographs

All of the articles should have a Fayette County connection. If the connection is not obvious, it must be detailed in the article.

All of our articles will be accompanied by photographs. Please submit photos taken by the author, family photos or contact Front Porch Magazines so that we can help you find images appropriate for your article.

In addition each author will be asked to submit a thumbnail "selfie" and a brief bio for inclusion along with the article. This is a one-time requirement.

Possible Topics (Partial Listing of Unlimited Possibilities)

  • Relatives
  • Interesting People
  • Recipes
  • Best Thing I Ever Ate
  • Favorite Places
  • Favorite Porches
  • Favorite Pooches
  • Hunting, Fishing Stories
  • Favorite Events
  • Fayette Celebrity Stories
  • Favorite Fayette Factoid
  • Plants and Gardens
  • Pets and Animals
  • History and Historic Places
  • Schools and Teachers
  • Art and Artists
  • Music and Musicians
  • Crafts
  • Hobbies
  • Local Businesses
  • Railroads
  • Architecture
  • Gins, Mills & Stills
  • Faith Places